About Certifications

The Category Management Association certification designation is the recognized, industry-wide standard that qualifies the skill level of individual category management professionals.  Our CMA Certification Program has been embraced by the category management industry because it resonates so well with both the retailer and manufacturing community.

Certification Timeline
Program Evolution
2016 Certification Program Changes


Why Certify? Certification is critically important to the success of category management, especially when we consider the rapid changes occurring in our industry.  It is essential that we all speak the same language, have a common understanding of the benefits to all parties for certification & the standards are clear.

Certification serves as:

  • A means to independently evaluate industry talent.
  • Certification delivers a message to employees of a company’s commitment to their personal development.
  • It provides a clear message to your business partners about the quality of the category management team supporting them.
  • It is a statement of industry leadership and support of improving industry standards.

Solution/Training Provider Updates

New terminology has been applied to Training and University CMA Learning Programs.

Training partners will offer CMA Accreditedlearning programs to prepare their students and professionals for certification testing.

All CMA Accredited training company and university coursework have been evaluated to ensure they have earned the CMA accreditation and have properly prepared students for new, objective testing.

FOR ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CONTACT: Member Services at memberservices@cpgcatnet.org