General Information

Certification Levels are Earned Sequentially

  • The CPCA level is earned first through training and then objective testing. We suggest that candidates for CPCA have 1-2 years of experience in category management before taking the exam. 
  • CPCM is the next certification level earned and for this designation candidates should have 3-5 years of experience before taking the exam. 
  • CPSA is the final level of certification and candidates for this level should have 6 or more years of experience , have managed a category management team, and have been responsible for joint business planning. 

Other Noteables

  1. Please Review the standards for each of the Certification tests you wish to complete. These standards are listed in the "Profession Standards" page accessible in the left side bar of this page. 
  2. We recommend you reach out to any of our CMA Accredited Solution Providers or Accredited Universities to gain knowledge in each program level standard. They can fill the gaps in areas you feel you may need additional help or information. 
  3. All candidates for the CPCA and CPCM will be required to take and successfully pass an online objective test to earn a certified designation form the CMA. 
  4. The CPCA and CPCM test is segmented and questions are asked for all Learning Programs
  5. Candidates that do not pass and wish to retake the exam must pay a retake fee of $50.00.

Individuals who were certified prior to 1/1/2016 or began the process prior to 1/1/2016, please review the following

  • All individuals previously certified will maintain their certification status but will be required to adhere to new, continuing education/professional development requirements.
  • For all individuals who began certification prior to 1/1/2016:
    • They will be provided access to take exams as necessary without charge.
    • If it is necessary to retake the exam, there will be no charge for them.
  • Everyone who has not yet been certified or are not in the process prior to 1/1/2016 will be required to take the new CMA level-specific exam to be certified at their next level.