CPCACertified Professional Category Analysts (CPCA) possess basic Industry knowledge, spreadsheet and presentation skills. Additionally, this level of certified professionals has worked with retail POS and syndicated data and have provided pricing, promotion and assortment analysis and have training plus experience with space planning software and relational databases. Training is available through CMA accredited Solution Providers and University Partners.

Here is a list of the STANDARDS needed to achieve certification:

  • Basic Industry Knowledge
  • Category Management History and Process
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Assortment Analysis (basic)
  • Spreadsheet Development (basic)
  • Presentation Development (basic)
  • Syndicated Scanner Data (basic)
  • Syndicated Panel Data (basic)
  • Retailer POS Data Analysis (basic)
  • Space Planning Software (basic)
  • Relational Databases (basic)


Certification levels can only be achieved in succession (CPCA, CPCM and CPSA).  We are recommending the following general development timeline for people to consider in their personal development for the CPCA certification:  Category Analyst 1-2 years

*Please note, to prepare for the CPCA test, we recommend taking our CMA “accredited” training coursework which is offered through a variety of approved SOLUTION PROVIDERS and University Partners.  You may, however, register for and complete the exam without taking training.  However, if you do not pass the exam, there will be a test retake $ charge