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Collaboration Tool CMKG

New! How to Create Shopper-Focused Assortments in 3 Steps

The most important perspective in assortment analysis should be the SHOPPER. But in many cases they are completely forgotten. Check out these 3 simple steps to incorporate the Shopper perspective into your next assortment analysis project. 

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Joint Business Planning Tool CMKG

Joint Business Planning Tool

Author: CMKG.ORG

Retailer and Vendor sales teams now collaborate in Joint Business Planning relationships which are more strategic and long-term. In the months since COVID-19 began, shopping habits have fundamentally changed, leaving CPG and retail to adapt and rise to an unprecedented occasion. Collaboration is needed more than ever, so we felt this was the perfect time to share with you a newly-developed “Joint Business Planning Resource Tool” as you start to develop your plans in the next few months.

Collaboration Tool CMKG

Collaboration Tool

Author: CMKG.ORG

With COVID-19, there’s more need now than ever for collaboration between trading partners to meet the needs of the rapidly changing Consumer / Shopper. To prepare for collaboration, Retailers and Vendors must first identify their assets, prioritize their opportunities and then seek out the right partners to work with on the research, strategy, tactical and implementation tasks necessary to optimize their investment of time and resources. Use this tool to get an overview of collaboration, what’s required, how to prepare and what to expect, including an exercise to help you define where your biggest collaboration opportunities are.

Efficient Assortment Measures and Examples

Efficient Assortment Measures and Examples

Author: CMKG.ORG

It’s good to feel comfortable with the key measures associated with Efficient Assortment Analysis. Check out this microlearning tool that walk you through the most valuable measures for you to understand before you complete your assortment analysis.

COVID-19 Shopper Resource Tool CMKG

COVID-19 Shopper Resource Tool for Retail & CPG

Author: CMKG.ORG

Continue to navigate the complexities of changing shopper behavior through this pandemic. Their needs and behaviors continue to evolve in ways we never imagined. Check out this great resource that gives you some amazing perspective on what’s changed, what’s changing, and what the future holds.

Category Management and Shopper Insights in an Omnichannel World CMA SIMA Numerator

Category Management and Shopper Insights in an Omnichannel World

Authors: Numerator, CMA, SIMA

This is Part 1 in a four-part series of data source deep dives presenting data collection methodologies and use cases. In this white paper, you will learn about commonly used data sets for category management and shopper insights, the history of panel data, core use cases for receipt capture panel data, shopper marketing strategies for using these data sources and much more!

Serving Consumers Through an Economic Downturn Unilever

Serving Consumers Through an Economic Downturn

Authors: CMJ, Unilever

How do you successfully serve the consumer during an economic downturn while competing against more affordable brands? Unilever Insights: Serving Consumers through an Economic Downturn, helps you learn what both manufacturers and retailers need to consider during a potential recession, how to prepare for shifts in consumer behavior, and what new models your organization will need to adopt.

Moving to Fact-Based Presentations and Storytelling CMKG

Storytelling Through Fact-Based Presentations

Author: CMKG.ORG

Whether it’s because the sales team and category management team aren’t on the same page or because your data isn’t being utilized effectively to gain valuable insights, by learning how to create fact-based storytelling in your presentations, your organization will gain greater insights and solutions, see more collaboration, and more profit. Learn the three key factors that make creating fact based presentations possible and how using data to tell a story will help you uncover new business opportunities and solutions that ultimately drive sales for your clients and partners.

Driving Category Growth with Retailers Advantage Group

Driving Category Growth with Retailers

Authors: Advantage Group, CMA

Advantage Group International’s research reveals that your success all comes down to how you partner with and drive category growth with your retailer. In Driving Category Growth with Retailers, Advantage Group and #1 ranked U.S. retailer Meijer take a deep dive into the importance of collaboration and how they can predict a company’s overall performance based simply on how the company approaches and drives category growth. Discover how category management and strong relationships with your partners allows you to not only become more efficient and save in resources but allows you to gain better insight and take bigger, more exciting risks that lead to that 5% sales growth.

Optimizing Space with myPG Del Monte JDA

Optimizing Space with myPG

Authors: JDA, Del Monte

Del Monte’s odyssey began with working insane hours and building planograms manually, resulting in a time-consuming and inconsistent final product. But, as customer expectations grew, Del Monte had to make a choice. And their decision culminated in a major success where they were able to generate thousands of planograms across multiple categories with more accuracy, speed, and quality, completing the planogramming cycle even before the deadline date.

Loyalty Beyond Reason Hallmark Walgreens

Loyalty Beyond Reason

Authors: Hallmark, Walgreens

For Walgreens and Hallmark, it was after one particular initiative dubbed “loyalty beyond reason” when they were surprised to discover who their most loyal shoppers were, completely altering the way they would interact and reach their customers in the future. In this Walgreens & Hallmark Cards webinar, you’ll see how effectively utilizing data allowed Walgreens and Hallmark to raise the bar on increasing customer loyalty or rather, “loyalty beyond reason.” Understand the importance of segmenting your data, learn how loyalty impacts your bottom line, and look at what caused Walgreens and Hallmark to change their marketing approach.

Unlocking Category Management in Convenience Eby-Brown Company

Unlocking Category Management in the Convenience Channel

Author: Eby Brown

There is potential for the convenience channel and many aren’t taking full advantage. While larger national and regional convenience stores are benefiting from an expansive pool of consumers, smaller chains and independent c-stores are lagging behind, missing out on the opportunity to gain more sales and see real-world results. In Unlocking Category Management in the Convenience Channel webinar, led by Jim Hachtel of Eby-Brown, you’ll learn why the gap between national and independent c-stores is growing, how bigger chains are driving consumer trips and conversion, and what changes smaller c-stores need to make in order to compete.

Emerging Trends in Shopper Insights, #2 SIMA

Emerging Trends in Shopper Insights, Session 2

Author: SIMA

As stores begin implementing advanced tech like biometrics, telemetry, and virtual reality, we are now receiving incredibly detailed data on the shopper building a comprehensive and complex picture. With an overwhelming amount of data coming in, the next challenge for the industry is knowing how to utilize this data effectively and turn it into valuable insights. See where the industry is going next in our webinar Emerging Trends in Shopper Insights: Session #2 where Leslie Warshaw of SIMA will dive into the huge opportunities technology and marketing data provide for retailers, manufacturers, solution partners, and shoppers.

E-Commerce Category Leadership CMA ECL The Partnering Group

E-Commerce Category Leadership

Author: CMA, The Partnering Group

E-commerce has shaken the foundations of the retail industry. In order to keep up with this rapidly-changing industry, we need to reimagine strategic approaches and redefine relationships and our roles in the e-commerce channel. In E-commerce Category Leadership: A New Approach to Retailer and Supplier Collaboration for Digital and E-commerce Growth, you’ll discover how e-commerce category leadership, or ECL, has adapted and built off of key category management fundamentals to create accelerated business results from stronger, more seamless collaboration between retailers and suppliers. 

Cross Merchandising Online CMA

Cross Merchandising Online

Author: CMA

What makes a great line review? The line review process provides you with an uncommon opportunity to help drive your business forward and develop strategies and tactics as a retailer. But many don’t fully utilize and end up stumbling at the finish line. With Strategies to Complete a Great Line Review, you’ll learn from the CMA+SIMA team how to create a successful line review. You’ll get a blueprint on how to approach category assessments, strategies, key tactics, and how to place yourself as a marketplace expert providing an effective plan and insight on how retailers can innovate and compete in the future.

CatMan 2.0 Webinar Series CMA

CatMan 2.0 Webinar Series

Author: CMA

Get a closer look at how you should be updating your category management process to address the difficult choices we all struggle with in making our category management programs more effective and efficient. In this CatMan 2.0 training video you’ll gain a better understanding of the obstacles category managers must navigate and how to better align your CatMan goals, time, and team to move toward a deeper level of insight so you’ll succeed where many organizations have failed.

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Manufacturers and retailers are continuing to use new tech to reveal Shopper buying behaviors and to build an understanding of consumer loyalty, price optimization, segmentation, leakage and conversion, apps, and sampling.

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Smartphone usage has shifted consumers away from traditional clip-and-save paper coupons to digital coupons. Digital is a whole new world for Consumer Packaged Goods / Fast Moving Consumer Goods, requiring new frameworks for CatMan Strategy.

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